domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

How to....... Agujeros alineados/Aligned holes

Tras la pregunta de un modelista en un foro a "como realizar agujeros alineados en una varilla circular", he decido hacer este pequeño paso a paso.
Varilla circular de 1 mm, broca de 0,5 mm. El mismo paso con una varilla cuadrada.
1.- Sobre una cinta adhesiva de doble cara colocamos varias varillas de plastico de 1 mm. Nos serviran como guia y para apoyar una regla.
2.- Realizamos las marcas
3.- Realizamos los agujero
4.- Resultado final.

Following a question from a modeler in a forum, "how to make aligned holes in a circular rod", I have decided to do this small step by step. The same step with a square rod.
Circular rod of 1 mm, 0.5 mm drill.
1. - On a double-side adhesive tape, we put several plastic rods of 1 mm. They will use like a guide and to support a metallic rule.
2. - We make brands
3. - We make the holes.
4. - Final result.

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  1. Pedro, thanks for sharing your techniques with all of us. I was also wondering how one could fabricate a series of holes on a rounded surface and keep them all aligned with each other.

    Keep these photographed step-by-step techniques coming.

    Your amigo from the other side of the world,